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Swifts Round a Tower – Oriel y Parc, St Davids

Swift-poster web versionSWIFTS ROUND A TOWER – The Devil’s Screamers

Peter Brown and Elly Morgan – at Oriel Y Parc, St Davids

This father and daughter joint exhibition has been inspired by Peter’s life-long fascination with the swift. It is a wonderful display in words and sculpture and well worth a visit. Now 85, Peter first noticed swifts as an eight-year-old child visiting an aunt in Northampton in the warm summer of 1939:

“We made and flew paper aeroplanes. Our games were often interrupted by squadrons of screaming swifts flying low between the houses.”


As a biologist Peter has expressed his concern for the decline in our swift populations (by over 50% in the last 10 years) – yet there are easy measures we can all take to stabilise this drop and increase population numbers. His thoughts are gathered in his book ‘Swifts Round a Tower’, which is central to the exhibition.

Peter’s daughter, artist Elly Morgan, to mark Peter’s age has crafted 85 ceramic swifts which fly in the centre of the Oriel Y Parc’s tower – and offered for sale too, with all profits going towards conservation.

Swifts arrive from Africa in early May and the lucky amongst us may well have already spotted, or heard, one or two. Not to be confused with swallows, the swift has a distinctive high-pitched call, which gives rise to their nickname ‘Devil’s Screamers’.

This fascinating and conservation-led exhibition also includes a short film produced and sponsored by Pembrokeshire-based Rebecca Naden, the distinguished professional photographer.


Include activity sheets, workshops, readings and music:

Poetry Readings & Music:

11.00AM   WED 4 MAY

11.00AM      WED 11 MAY

11.00AM      WED 1 JUNE

Swifts Flying Origami Workshops

2PM – 4PM   SAT 14 MAY

2PM – 4PM   SAT 18 JUNE

( DETAILS: 01437 720392 )

The publication of Peter’s book and this exhibition has been realised by the generous sponsorship of the following Pembrokeshire organisations: of Cresselly, The Darwin Centre, Haverfordwest and Rebecca Naden Phtography.

Swifts Round a Tower runs until 29 June at Oriel Y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre, High St, Saint David’s SA62 6NW
Peter's book

There is a book of poems written by my Peter Brown – it is for sale at £7.50 with £1.50 p+p.

Elly’s clay swifts are for sale at £10 + £2 p+p.

All profits going to conservation projects.

Contact 01348 831922 (evenings) or  07903509740 if you wish to make a purchase.


There is a video at